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Originally Posted by ironphoenix113 View Post
One thing I'd recommend doing is actually typing it in the "reply to thread" screen and copying it over to a word processor for transport and for editing when on the go. I do this pretty regularly, and I haven't had problems (yet) with it changing my quotes to question marks. One reason it might be doing this is the forum's font doesn't recognize quotes and instead substitutes them with something it can recognize.
What I did for my last post was write it, block by block, as a private message and then send it to myself. That way, I had my written material saved in a format that would be transferrable, and that way I could edit it at my leisure (though be warned, it seems that PM's have a smaller word limit than actual forum posts).
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If the PM's here are like the vBulletin boards I use elsewhere, the limit is 5000 characters (not words).

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Good story, Wraith. I also liked your reuse of the imagery from the Klingon's awakening, and Wraith's. It was a good framing technique.

There are some issues with the sentence structure, the punctuation, and other editing bits, but the creative part is good, and the rest should come with time.
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icegavel - nice story. But I'm confused about some of the species.
Rygo nodded. "Remata'klan," he said to his Breen Chief Tactical Officer, "go to red alert. Tactical scans, keep an eye out for that bioship."Remata'klan nodded as the alert klaxon sounded. Raydza spoke up again. "Sir, I'm reading... what appears to be a life sign on one of the larger debris chunks. It's not Undine... I think it's a drone. It's the only one left on the ship, from what I can tell."

Rygo asked, "Can you wake him? And, before you say anything Remata'klan, I know the risks. I'll take them." The Jem'Hadar grumbled.
- Presumably here the only ones in the room are Tasop, Rygo, Seven and Remata'klan. If Remata'klan is a Breen (above), then who is the Jem'Hadar?
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Originally Posted by jonsills View Post
Good story, Wraith. I also liked your reuse of the imagery from the Klingon's awakening, and Wraith's. It was a good framing technique.

There are some issues with the sentence structure, the punctuation, and other editing bits, but the creative part is good, and the rest should come with time.
If i had more space in a single page, i wanted to write it more too seem like they were more parallel to each other rather than shoehorning it in here and there, but thank you. As for the technical stuff, it's slowly getting there but my writing skills are atrocious at times. You should have seen how bad my earlier works were, they might as well have been written in crayon lol.
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@wraith - I can only add to the growing chorus of the choice to mirror the opening experience of the two characters - well done sir!
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I never thought I'd see a complete Star Trek story told in a single haiku...
Originally Posted by hfmudd
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Okay, I'm posting my story now. First off, curse the mods for this topic! I was just about to finish the Devidian arc when this thread popped up and I instantly had to stop the game again to start brainstorming.

This wasn't an easy story to write, but then, Azera having to actually deal with a Borg drone was never going to be an easy situation for her. It ties in with both her log entries and her origin story (of sorts) "In Memoriam." I'd love to get feedback on them both (especially In Memoriam), but they're not really necessary for reading this one. It's just that some of the dramatic irony that'd come from knowing more about Azera than she knows about herself will instead be actual suspense about her background.

Anyway, the story is "Azera Xi: Fools and Children." I hope you like it, and I'll read and comment on the other stories posted too, as soon as I've, well, caught my breath...
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Well, that one went out of control really quickly. Finally got it finished...18 pages later.

A few explanations/interesting facts:

All named personnel (With the exception of the head of the Symbiosis commission and the first two hosts) are all named Duty officers or Bridge officers. Second: (And DON'T read the following until you've actually read my story, for it does contain a major spoiler) [BEGIN SPOILERS] Primarily what I was going for is that you have Ibalei, who's already well adjusted to her life as it stands right now, all of a sudden thrust into a position that she never wanted to be in. Yet, now that she is there, she want's to make the best of what she's been given.[END SPOILER]

Anyway, not sure what I'd do for the soundtrack for this one. I'll think about that when I'm not as insane from writing a small novel in four days.
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