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Lately I have been confused on how people are doing things with other escorts. Things like super shield drain (With out Tachyon Mines), to being able to tank better then I can even on an Engi. So I thought I'd post my two current builds and get some skill point allocation advice at least to see if perhaps that might be my problem. Yes, I know this could go into the Ship advice thread, how ever I thought it might due to get a wider audience.

My First build, is my Tactical/Khyzon Escort:


(I am using the Skill planner to show Boff powers)

For Weapons I'm going with as follows:

Fore: Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI [CrtD] [Dmg]x2, Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI [Acc]x2 [Dmg], Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI [CrtD]x2 [CrtH], Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI [CrtD]x2 [Dmg], Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XI [CrtH] [Dmg]x2 *
Aft: Kinetic Cutting Beam, Experimental Romulan Plasma Beam Array

Deflector: Omega Force Tachyon Deflector Mk XII
Engines: Hyper Impulse Engine Mk XII [Full] [Spd] [Turn]
Shield: Omega Force Shield Array Mk XII

Engineering Consoles: Assimilated Module, Ablative Hull Mk XI **
Science Consoles:Flow Capaciter Mk X[-th][Pla]x2, Particle Generator Mk X Mk X[-th][Pla], Zero Point Energy conduit***
Tactical Consoles:Plasma Infuser Mk XI x4****

* I'm considering trying to work towards a full 5x of Romulan Plasma DHC [Acc]x2 From the Reputation Store.

**Some times I switch between the Ablative Hull and the Tetraburnium Armor also VR Mk XI

***I Don't currently have access to Mk XI or Mk XII Embassy consoles and I know I need 3 Flow Capacitors.

****I don't have the funds to equip this with MK XII Purple variants yet.

Now below is Build #2, my Engineer/Kumari:

My engineer is built more towards the Tank side of a build. Even the Reptuation abilities are focused on that, selecting the Shield recovery procs, bonus to shield power, shield regen, etc. (I'm an Engineer, I need to be tough!) Although I will admit I am starting to wonder if that was a mistake as well.

With my engineer I'm experimenting with a different build then my Tactical officer.


Fore Weapons: 3x Dual Phaser Beam Bank Mk XI [CrtD] [CrtH]x2, Dual Phaser Beam Bank Mk XI [CrtH]x3, Kumari Phaser Wing Cannons[Dmg]x4*

Aft Weapons: Kinetic Cutting Beam, Plasma Mine Launcher Mk XII [CrtH]x3

Deflector: Assimilated Deflector Array Mk XI
Impulse Engine: Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines Mk XI
Shield: M.A.C.O Resiliant Shield Array Mk XI**

Engineering Consoles:Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Assimilated Module, Ablative Hull Armor Mk XI
Science consoles:Tachyon Induction Relay, Phaser Dispersal Array
Tactical Consoles: 4x Phaser Relay Mk XI, Phaser Relay Mk XI***

*I don't have the funds to get Mk XII Dual Beam banks, and I'm also considering saving up to try out the Andorian [Acc]x2[Dmg] versions.
**I know this needs to be upgraded. I'm working on it, but I'm not at Tier 5 Romulan on Gearhead yet.
***I don't have the funds to upgrade the consoles to Mk XII Very rare, and the one Uncommon I plan to change out soon to a Rare.

The Engineer's current Idea is to utilize Nadion Inversion to help run FAW, or at least Multiple Beam Overloads while also using the Wing Cannon Overload. I am also considering Changing out the Cannons for a 5th DBB and the sci consoles for 2x Embassy Consoles. But haven't decided on that yet. Not sure if 5 DBBs would be worth it.
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