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Originally Posted by thebumble View Post
That entire question session was a non-answer full of ifs and maybes.

Even if they do bring the Romulan faction into the game, how much content do you think their going to add? They ((Romulans)) already have the Tau Dewa Sector. We'll get a couple generically neutral ships for the masses and more Z-Store ships ((For the weekend warriors who don't care how bad the games grind has gotten, or the amount of bugs that run through it.)) then maaaaybe a 5 mission story arc like the Jem Hadar. Not going to be that big though...

The Federation players would start posting whine threads on the forums all over again if the spotlight was taken off them..
With that kind of rampant pessimism you might as well Insert D'ktag between cervical vertebrae 3 and 4.....

Just kidding. But, it's still futile. We'll get what we get. Rampant speculation is a waste of time.

I can haz joystick!
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Speculation is fun if not taken to seriously.
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Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Either way , I'm left to wonder if CBS will keep a sharper eye on Cryptic's shenanigans due to the proximity of the release of the JJ movie and the "Season 8 is dead to me" ?
I'm going to take a wild leap here and say: "probably not"

Originally Posted by johngazman View Post

The wait through March will be followed by mass hysteria in April, and massive dissapointment in May when it turns out we're not actually getting a Romulan Faction.
I think that needs to be qualified. Massive disappointment will be half the reaction. Massive lack of surprise, the other half. I think it depends on your pre-established opinions about the developers' doings up to now.
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It will be no surprise to me since they've repeatedly said "Romulans, coming in Season 9" several times until they've now gone quiet on the issue. Never once did they say "Romulans, coming in Season 8", so if it's all a ruse... it's a very good one.

I expect this to be more of a story season, with some extra KDF goodies, and likely a story arc involving the return of Sela to set up the Romulan faction for Season 9. I'd be satisfied with that and if it's more... well, cool.

As for the wait, surely there will be another big event, probably another big C-Store release. And probably start hyping a new lockbox we can all ignore a few weeks before the big season release.

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Slow? Unlikely. It'll be here all too soon. Just like S7 brought about a host of unwanted changes and generally worsened the game experience, the thing that is no-longer-called S8 will be the same: More nerfs, more of your stuff rendered worthless, and scarcer resources.

Indeed, improvement is physically impossible. The laws of thermodynamics require that the entropy of a closed system always increase. Therefore, things can only get worse, never better. Improvement is a pipe dream of wishful thinkers, and wishful thinking can never trump physics.

S7 was crap, and the game was better without it. S8 will be no different. Entropy always increases. Based on the changes from S6, expect that the cost of everything in S7 will be increased by 19000%, just like S6->S7.
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Originally Posted by curs0r View Post
and wishful thinking can never trump physics.
The Traveler says hello.

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Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
The Traveler says hello.
Volguus Zildrohahr?
I'll sell you some weapons from New Romulus. Never fired, only dropped once.

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The quote system on this forum doesn't like me, I get that a lot and just edit it out. I have no idea how that happens.

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I wonder what kind of Tribble and DOff's we'll get for testing...

"That Which Is Not Season Eight" ...

... on the Tribble Server ?

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from a hard core forum watcher/tweet follower/pod cast lister..and hard core gamer for over 40 years..

1. Romulan faction? No, Romulan FE? Much more likely.. I've lost counbt of how many times Stahl has re-iterated that RSE faction will not be in game untill the KDF faction is a LOT more complete then it is.

2. KDF completion in May? Possibly.. certainly a distinct possibility of a lot of the filler need to flesh out the 1-20 experience, and some additional storyline mission arcs to fillout the XP fattened missions currently fillinging the KDF levelling experience. There's been dozens of hints that much of the KDF content has been beeing worked on for quite some time, albeit on a back burner.

3. Stuff between now and May? You Betcha! Got more ships coming (we were told abut these a couple months back for those that were paying attention).. I guess'n a couple more Catian ships, maybe another vulcan ship or two. Possibly some Ferisian ships on the KDF side. (specificly, we were told ESCORTS in case anyone missed it..note that the andorian ships are escorts) Both factions will get some goodies between now and May. Items that are all ready in the pipeline and sceduled for release. Might see a lock box between now and then, but what I really expect is a KDF themed lock box in May with possibly a mirror universe BOP for the feds to finally get to play with. (throw a mirror universe 1701-A at the KDF, or a Defiant/San Paulo)
.... only guessing, but there IS a pattern that has its own internal logic to what cryptic does. Just got to look for it peoples. And.. there really is only so many ways to go about it.

........... Under The Raptors Wings .....

Pretty certain this is a new story arc, possibly a continuation of the existing Sela arc.. but the one thing I am dead certain of is it is NOT a romulan faction being introduced...look for that in 2014...late 2014 at the earliest. Personally I'm sure they'll start work on it next year, but there is a whole lot of prep work on the game engine needs to be done first. I'd honestly be unsurprised to see a "Civilian" min-faction or Civilian class introduced to the factions beofre we see a RSE faction.. it would just be easier..

reasons are legion.. a RSE faction is going to have to come out the gate with a full levelling experience.. The fan base is unlikely to be terribly happy with the RSE entering play as a "Monster play" faction. that means RSE DOOF system and missions, BOFFs, social zone, base zones, setup for RSE fleets rep system, new romulus rep system, additions to the Omega rep for the RSE faction.. and ships, lots and lots of ships. AT least 18-21 distinct ship classes. (and by the way, what about new romulus if the RSE faction comes into play.. assuming its RSE romulans..ie:imperial faction ) oh yea, and lets not forget Romulan faction vet rewards...

And of course while all that is going on JamJamz is reworking ship artwork on the fly, and PvP is getting a revamp, and experiments continue a pace to eliminate the instanced sector space, while expanding the galactic map so the revamped KDF has plenty of room to play, the future romulan faction also has plenty of room to play, and future space empire factions have room to play. Crafting system revamp is also being strongly looked at, along with some sort of advanced crafting/player modification of ships. aptains Table zone torn down and replaced with something a hell of a lot more usefull. AND a screaming need to have the current "captains table" zone removed, or flat replaced with something thats a bit more usefull to veternplayers and lifetime subscribers.

The amount of work to bring a new space empire faction into play is utterly mind boggling! Thats assuming players would like to see it appear in a somewhat timely fashion, and more or less complete.

Cryptic does have a larger staff for STO, but its not THAT large!

so.. ease off on the expectations a bit captains. For the sake of your blood pressure! Cryptic studio's and STO has one of the smallest development staffs in the industry (fact! Go do your research and you'll see). They do have what I consider a rather nasty habit of permitting a bit too much speculation about whats in the pipeline, but they wouldn't be the first to do so. It's endemic in the gameing and consumer electronics industry. After all word of mouth advertising.. even if its dead wrong is the best kind.. because.. it doesn't cost a penny!

Even we hard core KDF types (note that by cryptics own numbers we represent around 360,000 customers!) have chosen to have rather low expectations for May and expect even those to be underwhelming. ((lots of scar tissue at this point from hype)) It would be pleasant to be proven entirely wrong in our self protective pessimism. We'll see in 3 months.

We got stuff coming. We got cool stuff coming. We will have cool stuff appearing between now and May. Stahl promised no more content droughts and I'm holding him to that promise.

All the love the people, but please don't let hopes, dreams, and rampant over optimism overwhelm good common sense.

Back to the dilithium grind you! *snap of a whip cracking*
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