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For the last 30 min or so i've had all kinds of lag playing on New Romulus. After restarting my client, i finally just decided to suck it up and try to play, anyway. So, i'm lagging along, trying to move, and i was disconnected. Now, every time i try to log back in i get "Account server connection could not be started." It seems to me that there may be a problem server side that one of you guys should look into. Thanks.
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02-24-2013, 03:34 AM
This appears to be a bug. I do not DC very much at all, but when I do I get the same error you are getting, regardless of the fact that my internet connection is still good.

Usually, I have to completely close the game client and restart it and then magically, it works.

As far as your lagging, I posted a few helpful tools to help people understand if it is either the STO server or their net connection in this thread.


Give it a look if you have time.

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