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As an Eng captain I've spent the bulk of my leveling in cruisers. When I hit 50 I decided I wanted to try something different and bought the Vesta, a ship I thouroughly enjoyed. Figured I've tried Cruisers and Science ships, giving an escort a shot may be fun. I picked up a fleet defiant and have very much enjoyed it, tho the boff setup is a bit of a hair pull. recently I've been admiring the fleet heavy escort carrier and the armitage.

My question really is how to compare the two? Clearly the armitage has a hangar bay, otherwise the layout looks mostly the same, with the exception of a slightly larger hull cap and a slightly lower turn rate.

Advice? Suggestions?
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02-24-2013, 05:22 AM
I've recently swapped my Fleet HEC for the science andorian ship on my engineer.

-1 turret
+1 DHC

- epts 3
- BO 1
+ epts 1
+ BO3

-1 hanger
+2 turn
+3k hull
+1k shield

I'm strongly considering going back to it. Way more fun. I would recommend the Fleet HEC to anyone who likes escorts.

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