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Greetings all,

I am a proud Captian of a verry good looking and ok flying vesel,

My current setup is :

Weapons front: 2x: Polaron cannon mkx [ACC]
Bio-Neural Warhead
Plasma torpedo launcher mk IX [CRTD][CRTH]
Weapons after: : Polaron Beam Array mkIX[CRTH]
Phased Polaron Beam Array mkX [CRTH][DMG]
plasma torpedo launcher mkIX [CRTH]
plasma torpedo launcher mkIX [CRTH]x2
Eqiupment : Postron deflector array mk IX [INC]
Efficient impulse engines mkX
Lovariant shield array mkVIII [CAP]x2
Engineer console: Tetraburnium hull armor mkX
RCS Accelerator mkX
SIF Generator mkVIII
EPS Flow Regulator mk VII
Science : Counter messure system mkVII
Bio Funtion monitor mk IX
EPS flow regulator
Tact consoles : Warhead yield chamber mkX
Warhead yield chamber mkX :x1

Now i am a science fed char and not at lvl 50 yet but i am wondering if this ship could perform even beter then it does now and so i ask to post youre star cruiser setup and reason why you use the curent weaponry/eqiupment/console setup.

Little note on the side , i am planing to change the torpedoes to quantum ones since it got recomended and i cant do more then try

Friendly regards from,

Dane Danger Duval

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