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02-24-2013, 04:53 PM
Okay, those were a bit longer than I was expecting, but -

Wow. Just wow.

Poor Enala. What a way to lay down your life for your companions.

And ironphoenix - yes, yours was long. But somehow, it felt almost not long enough at the end. Now I have to look up any other stories you've written about these people.

I am gathering from the stories that personal relationships among command crew have become tacitly accepted in Starfleet. I guess it's a good thing that my author avatar is straight, and while Dom is bi, he's also in a committed four-marriage on his homeworld. (The four is convenient - he doesn't have to worry about having someone to take care of his mates and children while he's offworld...) So I won't have to worry about that particular complication springing up for my crew.
I'm old enough not to care too much about what you think of me --
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