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P.S. Cryptic, please forgive me for my Rage from before. I will understand any movement of this article.

Now, I am a totaly 100% Pro Gorn. All my KDFs are Gorn... except one Ferasan cause I wasnt gonna waste 6.5$ of a race (FYI Which was planned since launch) to just sit there. (Mostly 4 Gorn 1 Cat (KDF) and 1 FED Vulcan (lvl 8).

Anways.. I called you here to day to talk about somethign I know has been going on for almost 6 years... the Gorn planning to take revenge on the Empire. Now now... this might be so called complicated... but I belive this can be for bith FED's and KDF's enjoyment.

General Idea

For this to work, we will of course need the Gorn Homeworld: Gornar. Now, FYI, Gornar is a desert like planet.. temperatures near 100F all the time to keep the Gorn's cold-blooded nature so they may.. well live. The climate/terrain is simular to Vulcan but I would not reccomend you using the Vulcan template.. for im sure Gorn to have male lipra statues and have great temples the way Vulcans do.

Now continuing... with this have in mind that both factions can be on this conflict for the FEDs have thier contacts with the Gorn already and can maybe form an alliance with them. Remember the Gorn have great heads in Science.. they actually have something in common. The Empire however has a choice to go with or against it.


With this, of course there is the question: Whats in it for me? Well for this certain thing.. I cant really say. Only ideas I have are weapons, RP, unquire items, and who knows what else. In the End, this is what I belive.


The Gorn are vry intellegent when it comes to Science. Try to amke some clever ideas to go with the Gorn. Maybe "illegal weapons" like the NPC found at Qo'nos and Academy has.

*Idea Of Territoty Control

Now that will be a great idea with a Gorn rebellion. Think of it. Battling over territory like they did during the Gorn-Klingon Cold War from around 2889-2404! Now imagin that with the Gorn, KDF, and FED combined! *Remember, it all depends if you chose to side with the Gorn or not* And with who controls most territory may get something in return.

Gorn Adds (To Make People Want to Side With Gorn)

Now here, I am not asking you to do a faction, but something like a Reputaional feature, that you can only acsess if allied with the Gorn! And also take in mind if you leave the side of the Gorn, the trust must be made to get back (if you decide so) that you ahve to restart getting rep. I mean... you mistrust a faction, you got to regain it correct? And maybe with this, more you do for Gorn, you lose more for the KDF/FED (mostly KDF) Reputation. And like I said, weapons, maybe some rare and unquire ship consoles etc will make all the difference for who's side gets chosen.

Side Ideas For Gorn

This is more of a costume and trait choice for Gorn.


I want to be able to throw rocks! I mean come on! For the Gorn, they dont just bite, they break structures and throw it at people! And thier claws.. they can rip you to shreds! Atleast make a buff in Hand-to-Hand Combat they make you bleed or something with scrathes from it. And lets not forget thier strenght. Im fine with it now but I belive it does need some tweeking.. since a Human Tact can take down a Gorn so easily (which should noyt be true) I mean Kirk almost died if it wasnt for that cannon!


I hate being the small Gorn... Im only 8"7' tall while I see Gorn nearly 12"!!! And lets not forget the musle! I see Gorn so big, it makes me wanan hide! Allow the playable Gorn to be bigger. I mean for a Gorn, 9" means you are at your prime! I dont wanna be a young adult Gorn... I wanan be a Gorn that will strike fear into the hearts of the enemys to the point they die by staring! (As in jsut make it so you can compare to Gorn NPCs like Holch and Raw'qi.

So Called Season 8 Pro KDF

I know you already "planned" S8 to help the Empire so I understand if this has to wait. Also I understand this isnt much to work on. I will love any additional ideas for this, related or comments about this idea. The Gorn have been supressed for way too long.... its time they take a stand. They arent just lizards to you, remember, they are smart, and you will never win in a melle fight against them... So I dont reccomend you get one mad.

Main Idea

Just to clear, this is not the 100% guildline to what you have to do. I would like to see this, but you dont have to and can do anything you want to this idea. I hope the best for you Cryptic.

As said before, please post any add-ons, ideas, or comments to this post. And may you have a great day.
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