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02-25-2013, 06:52 AM
Ok, I don't fully get the 10% thing, if that mean what i think it means, (getting cubes down to 10% then ditching it to fight off the next one) then that is a good way to lose the optional...Been there done that, lost.

One major dps guy on Kang, two guys working on the cubes (LOWER Nanites first) and the others getting the guys on the cubes backs (science would be good for this)

Engineer's are good for getting the cubes because they can sit and tank it out a lil easier, me being an engineer I fly to the nearest cube (right) as to not waste time flying to the far left when the cube is gone on the way to the next cube we fire at whatever assimilated ships that are nearest to us, once we get to the middle we rinse and repeat....I have been on many good teams that followed this method and we got the optional with a couple min to spare if not more...All it takes is teamwork and communication.

when fighting the queen, after we kill off the cubes and spheres in the first part, all we have to do is STAY ALIVE, if you feel your going weak, RUN FOR COVER AND HEAL, then come back and fight, If you are in a carrier, find a good spot away from the Borg logs lances and energy balls and run support, let your fighters fight for you that is what they are there for, the ship weapons can focus on killing off energy balls and anything that may threaten your survival.

Oh and pick one type of weapon and use the appropriate consoles to buff it, (no rainbows)
My Breen ship uses only disruptor cannons so I use stacked disruptor consoles to buff them and my turrets.

So far my worst ones have all been due to lack of communication, or blatant ignorance...and of course a few AFK's just sitting there waiting for the reward

(when in doubt ask) and or follow somebody that knows exactly what they are doing and do as they to.

Ok the last one that I got rather upset over was the mirror event while I was leveling a new avatar, guys that go and pop the Stadi as soon as it shows up, leaving the rest of us only a few seconds to kill off an entire fleet, I'm pretty sure doing it that way makes it so we do not get the purple prize at the end. even after i said several times DON'T POP THE STADI!!!! They do it anyways....

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