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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
A 600 heal very 10 second is not going to save you from a well prepared well structured alpha trust me you wouldn't have 10 seconds regardless of ship type

Anti-proton can be deadly lolarons great proc if it procs same with phaser your better off going for whatever makes you feel warm inside it no good relying on something that only has a 2.5% chance of working
600 heal per sec? who is your healer? think he needs tips

ive seen polarons proc every 7 secs. happened early this morning.

phaser, well we all know it has the highest proc rate due to the way it works. i mean you guys seem to think 2.5% chance is low in this game. same logic fail as cryptic.

phaser is a 2.5% chance that checks against each subsystem. thats why phaser has the highest proc rate.

polaron will take all your power from all systems and it stacks.

tet just does not hold up well because of all the sheild healing that goes on. but when it procs you did take a facing.

ap? lol most gimped wep in game.

plasma? even elite sheilds will counter it. its still like using a maco sheild. and the elite sheild is better then maco. best form of using plasma is to have it speced heavily on a ship while using ewp for closing gaps. but again its your ships. if you want fail weps go for it

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