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# 1 Kumari and it's counter
02-25-2013, 04:17 PM
I was really happy with the release of the Kumari for the Federation captains for a simple reason. It rises the bar on what can go into a ship as far as balance is concerned. The KDF will get its counter soon enough, perhaps in that super update coming in May, maybe later. But that kept me thinking... what form would that counter ship take?
I have seen plenty of ideas getting bounced around, ferasan or lethean superships, Gorn escorts, and the like, but I think we are missing a few basic points.
The KDF isn't the federation and their multiple member races, it is the Klingon Empire and their conquered servants. While some existing alien ships have been integrated into the fleet, the Empire and it's might at their core are Klingon. I don't really see the KDF developing a fully alien vessel to counter a threat. In fact I don't see the KDF developing a new ship to counter this new threat, but to adapt one of their existing designs to do it. The other thing is that the answer is going to be "cheap" in terms of developer time. The KDF gets less developer attention and has a lower assigned developer resources simply because of the economics of the game. No matter what we think about this, it is a fact, at least for now.
So with this in mind, I think that the answer will be an existing Klingon design with two really gigantic wing cannons.

Enter the K'tanco retrofit (Cstore).

Fore: 5 weapons
Aft: 3 weapons
Hull: 30000
Shield mod: 1
Device Slots: 3
Crew 400
Turn Rate: 13
Impulse Mod: 0.15
Inertia Rating: 40
Bonus Power: +10 to weapon and engines
Abilities: Cloak
Console Slots: 4tac 1sci 4eng
BOFF; CM Eng, LTC Tac, LTC Tac, Ens Sci, Ens universal
Special Cstore bonus item: Disruptor Dual Ultraheavy Wing Cannons (Half ROF than DHC, each bolt does twice the damage, can only be mounted in this ship, consumes 15 power, disruptor bolt looks bigger)

This ship would require very little Dev time and effort, and once the fleet skin is done for this model, the Fleet version could be released with the usual:
+10% hull and shields and one extra TAC console slot.

I really like the design and I am hoping that is going to see more action since, as a T2 ship, it is not being used at the moment due to the last change on the starting level of KDF captains.
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