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# 1 Fleet Excel
02-25-2013, 04:44 PM
I just got out of a pvp using my eng in her fleet Excelsior (My opponent was using the KDF timeship with a tac character) and I was unable to last more than 30 seconds of basic buffed fire, my tac/scort on the other hand beat the same ship/character combo, so I have come to the conclusion that there is something seriously wrong with my build... As such I have returned here looking for improvements so lets get started...

My current build:

Fore: 3x Tetryon Beam array (Mix of Mk XI and Mk XII all purple or better with at least 1 Acc mod on all), 1 torp (again with 1 Acc mod)
Aft: See fore


Eng: 2x Neutronium Mk XI (Blue), SIF generator Mk XI (Blue), Borg
Sci: Field Generator Mk XI (Blue), Emitter Array Mk XI (Blue)
Tac: 4x Tet Mk XI (Purple)

Lt Tac: TT1, FAW2, AP:B2
CMDR Eng: EPtS1, RSP1, Aux2SIF2, EWP3
LT Eng: ET1, ES1
Ens Eng: EPtW1
Lt Sci: HE1, TSS2

3x DCE (Purple), 1x WCE (Purple), 1x Undecided

I know I could use something instead of ES but my options are limited and my boff straining options do not include Aux2SIF3 but regardless I know if my eng/cruiser cannot hold off a Tac/scort-sci hybrid-thing where my Tac/scort can either balance is more screwed than we thought or I have a glaring flaw in my build that I can't see for the life of me...

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