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02-25-2013, 05:52 PM
Originally Posted by starkaos View Post
<skip because I really dont want to be more pissed that I am so I go right to the heart of the issue>

Implementing this system would allow Tier 6 ships in the game and not have the T5/Lockbox/Fleet system invalidated. In fact, it would be better than the current system since I can get some use out of my ships where I paid $25 on and now I can't be bothered to touch the ship.

The difference of T6 to T5 would be the same as of T4 to T5, they would me mathematical better and so INVALIDATE those ships because that is the God damn point of having a Tier system in the first place.

There is no way around this, T6 would mean a SUPERIOR ship that would make other obsolete, just like the AE is mathematical better that the T4 Defiant, you might go around dancing about the issue or in this case COMPLETELY IGNORE IT but the fact is this, Tier 6 ships means THIS:

More weapon slots, higher stations, higher hull, higher shield modifiers and more consoles.

"Tier 6" is not needed, would create a LOT of problems and would kill PvP (and I do mean it), as fat ships goes Tier 5 *IS* the end game ship Tier, Fleet is "better" but not to the point were the entire end game would have to be rebalanced for it.

You want the god damned Typhoon .... dont try to have it at T6 so you can go around killing Odysseys

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