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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
I know what you mean there, and very much so The line about not drinking was fantastically done, in that while Alyosha literally does not consume liquids, he could simply have been speaking from the perspective of a Tee Total Human who refused to drink alcohol
Exactly! Alyosha is Russian by culture, too, so I think sometimes on behalf of his countrymen he does get a bit annoyed with the "vodka and nuclear wessels" stereotype that I imagine Chekov did not exactly help with.

(Add to that, the fact that Alyosha has no accent when he speaks English. Which in his case is due to his means of speech being entirely different from what it appears to be. So if he were to do the "nuclear wessels" thing, it would be an act.)

Equally, it made me wonder how he would have perceived Marcus' bioelectrical energy, because as an immortal, his quickening would have been not only constantly regenerating his physical cellular structure, but also recharging itself as well, so to Alyosha, I can only imagine that would have appeared very different to most other beings...
I would imagine that would appear very different to him, though I think he mainly sees the activity of the nervous system. Would that also be affected?

Also, is there any chance that Marcus would detect anything unusual about Alyosha?

What I always wondered is how Alyosha and Meliden would've thought of each other since both are foundlings raised in Earth culture--though I can't imagine what would cause Meliden to be cleared to know Alyosha's species.

From what I understand, Andorian antennae are sensitive to electrical fields and shifts in pressure, so what I was wondering, was if he had been aware of Alyosha by some kind of physical detection of his presence, rather than being telepathically aware of Alyosha's consciousness, even if only on a subconscious level.
I'm not entirely sure if Aenar antennae work for the same purpose as the Andorians', but I had kind of thought that if there was anything, it was something telepathic in th'Valek's case.

Alyosha's telepathy, as he said, is not all that strong. He doesn't have the kind of passive perception that Betazoids have--in most cases he has to deliberately focus on somebody in order to pick up any emotions or actually "speak" that way. It's more powerful with another Devidian, though the problem he has there is that he has absolutely zero understanding of their language (though he is capable of sending images and memories). But with a strong telepath--especially one with whom he is on almost brotherly terms--he is able to both "speak" and "hear" that way, which is why th'Valek was able to speak for him when he was so severely incapacitated in his first LC.

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