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02-26-2013, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by marshalericdavid View Post
A PvP reputation system could be easily exploited.

If they ever do a PvP reputation system they would have to give people a reasonable amount of PvP credit for the reputation system regardless of being on the wining side or not. I personally think if they ever do it the gear and stuff should only be useful in PvP being specifically designed to use against human players. It could have sub par stats compared to all other gear of equal MK versions but have good bonus against human players.
Say what ?
Human opponents are the hardest enemies to defeat in the game. There's nothing in the PvE game that requires gear that can't be crafted or dropped from FE missions. Just getting slaughtered in a PvP match shouldn't be considered sufficient enough to earn access to the best gear in the game (I'm assuming will be better than anything currently available in-game). If you're not going to play PvP then why would you want gear that's ineffective against PvE opponents and require you to refit/change ships if you decide to play a PvE battle ? And if you've earned gear suitable to battle the hardest enemies in the game why would you accept them being less than optimal against inferior enemies compared to inferior gear ?
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