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So Orion Slave Girls and Gorn.

We all know we don't have any content to level KDF up to 20 PvE wise and our tutorial involves us seeing how long we can spam f key and sprint. Some people have suggested "story" missions for us to solve this problem but the problem is that people forget, a lot of these missions are a bit boring, bland and repetitive and I think some people would rather kiss a Lethean than do them.

So what are we to do? Well lets have a look of these adventure zones. I don't feel Cryptic have got them quite right. They are all for endgame content (grinding) but what about putting a few in for the purpose of leveling? Never know, might work and give this game a different dimension.

I have a plan (oooo scary!), to open up a few planets as mini-adventure zones for the purpose of leveling, but also give them something to offer maxed players. Now here's where it get's complicated cause although there will be most likely be boring fetch and carry quests, the missions should reward unique rep marks as well as the xp needed to level.

These marks are the material reward for these specific adventure zones where a player can trade them in for needed items or even unique sets at special vendors, for example a new armour, guns, ship equipment, clothes even. However you cannot make everything cost dilthium (no seriously, this is short term pain, long term gain), but that shouldn't stop a few specifics being added in later patches once we get some well deserved freebies. These give players rewards for leveling up, and they can be stuff they want to "uprgrade" at a later date or can take to end game? Makes it less of a grind when you can see the fruits of your labours.

Not all should be ground by the way, you could give marks for the current sector patrol missions as well that could be traded in at vendors (for arguments sake say Qo'nos shipyard) to buy some equipment. But this part will need more thought on how to do space right.

For those not interested in a boring wall of text (don't blame you)

-Series of Mini Adventure Zones aimed for leveling toons and giving marks used to purchase new content.
-Most content should be free initially, new items that are added it is fair to charge for.
-Stores should have things players need and things that players would like

-Great way to introduce badly needed content to KDF faction
-Interesting and different way to level toons that's not entirely linear.
-Rewards players and lets them choose what they want/need
-Long term rewards can produce more avenues of revenue.
-Feds start crying cause KDF are getting unique content all to themselves
-If it works, can be a better way to fill leveling needs for additional factions.
-Opens up a lot of planets, makes maps very open world.
-In some weird ways, may make the storyline fit better.

-Not a short term source of revenue
-Starting content will have to be free in order to not "cheat" player base.
-Seems very ground focused at the moment.
-High development cost in resources
-Will get sabotaged by complaining feds at every turn.

Enjoy, interested what KDF players think about this idea. In my opinion it might be so bonkers it might just work, but you can't get greedy and try to milk the players otherwise they'll think it's just another grind/money sink.
KDF Future with Cryptic. Fact.

What Cryptic should consider before releasing anything.

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