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02-26-2013, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
95% of deaths isn't insta kill torps, I grind out STFs daily and the instakill stuff has been toned down. Those deaths are just bad
I think the prior poster is referring to places like Ker'rat and PvP zones as insta-kill (at least that's how I took it).

Originally Posted by caljosstro View Post
There is simply no (need for) healing in the game ?! 95% of deaths is either insta kill with bs like 300,000 damage, or it's comp ganking with like 20 torps coming in within 3 seconds. Either way, unavoidable death. And those explosions, those insane warp core explosions. Full speed ahead with evasive maneuvers and still blowing up every other time, even with full health and shields.
This biggest BS to this entire game is "heal". About 5% of players actually build their ships for this alone, and only do do mainly in STF situations. The real issue to expose is how many ships have been rendered USELESS because of this "healing concept". It's simply BS. This game is DPS-ONLINE, Not Star Trek Online, and that will never change with the current Devs running the show.

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02-26-2013, 01:35 PM
The Borg Insta-Torps have not been toned down. I have all very rare Mark XII gear on my ship and they still one-shot me when I'm at full hull and shields. If those things hit you, you're going to die. The only exceptions are cruisers and dreadnoughts that are built to have fantastic amounts of hull and shields and even then, you better hope nothing else attacks you because your ship will be crippled from it.

So yeah, I kind of have to agree with the OP. Game difficulty operates in two modes - cakewalk (normal) and suicide (elite). Cryptic needs to figure out how to make enemies more difficult without giving them one-shot kills.
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02-26-2013, 01:42 PM
And not to mention the rediculously stupid and fast levelling curve, so everybody reaches max rank in a few days of power gaming and don't even bother to learn their classes properly anymore.

I was in an elite infected ground and 4 of us were wiped by rebecca in no-time and our sci finished the battle solo, healing herself and managing to reduce rebecca from the 85% of health she had left - true story, also ive been in cure ground with a fantastic healer and the most armek reduced any of us to was 90% hp.

My point being if people actually took the time to learn the strengths of their classes and their skills, we wouldn't have dps-fests all over. IMHO classes need rethinking and a major overhaul and the levelling curve needs sorting out - the reason given was lack of content, but we have had a lot of content since then and more coming in S8, its about time little things like this were sorted out

Just my two cents
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02-26-2013, 02:05 PM
I always have my ships spec'd for healing when I'm doing team combat. Even my Armitage has at least E-team and HE to throw around. I always end up using them. (Facing elite Borg without Hazard Emitters is tantamount to suicide, yet a suprising number of tacscorts in eSTF PUGs do exactly that.)
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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
I always have my ships spec'd for healing when I'm doing team combat. Even my Armitage has at least E-team and HE to throw around. I always end up using them. (Facing elite Borg without Hazard Emitters is tantamount to suicide, yet a suprising number of tacscorts in eSTF PUGs do exactly that.)
I run haz emitters and the one I have never feels like enough in eSTF. People not running at least 1 is def suicide.
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02-26-2013, 06:28 PM
The game is definitely DPS centric, there is no doubt on that. My main gripe, DPS, gets crits, Heals do not. Not only that, why is is I'm "engaging the enemy" when I heal? Seriously? I do heal, but it hardly ever gets commented on, by anyone anymore. Honestly, I've contemplated just not playing that character anymore.
Next time you log in, ask yourself this.
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
If you can't have fun, then what is the point?
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02-26-2013, 07:55 PM
I've thought about what could improve things with STO in regards to end game PVE, STFs and the like. As others have said this game "suggests" DPS builds because in order to gain the optional rewards there is a time constraint. The content is telling players you have x amount of time to complete a mission to gain rewards, that leads to people using escorts which can produce greater numbers in terms of DPS.

I haven't played every MMO ever made, but in the handful I have I don't recall them being timed as they are in this game. In those cases healers are paramount because the content is more complex then in this game. I get that everyone is going to be able to point to a run they did where science and cruiser vessels crushed everything and made all the difference but the reality of end game content on the PVE side is that it is focused around doing damage, players aren't "locked out" of a boss battle when they die they simply re-spawn after some time, so there is little incentive to stay alive. A rehash of the content I think will make a greater difference then trying to "nerf this and buff that."

Additionally if I'm flying a science vessel I don't want to be focused on DPS, I want to focus on being effective in my abilities, debuffing, healing and crowd control, it's what I want to actually do, but I also want it to feel as though I need to be doing those things for the run to be successful. It doesn't feel that way most of the time with end game content as it currently is.

I also get needing to strike a balance between making the content difficult and making it accessible to more people.

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Speaking as someone who likes piloting cruisers as a tank/healer, for any escort pilots when you DO get a decent healer on your pug/semi-pug team, for Kirk's sake stay in range. You are much faster than the healer and when you take a big hit, panic, and evasive to 15km away, I can't do a damn thing to help you and I'm way too slow to chase after you. Watch the Extend Shield trails and figure out who your benefactor is and make sure you're within 7km when you start pulling the big aggro, and know who to run towards if you need a breather to heal up. You make my job easier, I will make your job easier. If you think I'm gonna try chasing you around the map because you have zero situational awareness though, then yeah you aren't going to get a lot of help.
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I am full tactical, but the healing arts are a close second for me...a major necessity for the ship used, and battles involved. I don't mind repairing others, as long it helps the group and weakens the opposite opponent being dealt with.

But yet, there are some who has not learnt the full value of this needed skill set. It is greatly appreciated for having my ship still longer in the fight. In turn, teammates get the same benefit as well.

IN the last several PvE missions being playe of late, I have noted closely, that many folks just go out of their way to heal me right away. Maybe it is because of the high numbers of damage coming from my attacks they witness or something else.

Actually my specs are specifically built for PvE encounters, especially for the Borg in mind, but anyone else will get a licking too. But to stay long in those single encounters, you got to have skills that help repair with great speed, following by Boff support with combined passive skills as well.

My advice, never skimp on those healing arts, they make a difference on the outcome for that moment.
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Everyone seems to be missing the OP's point. His point is not that all healing is useless in STO, it is that we don't need dedicated healers the same as most other MMOs. It is the same issue we have with not needing dedicated tanks. It's DPS Escorts Online.

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