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Hello all,

I haven't played in a bit, am coming back and have been reading through the forums to check out any changes. I wanted to make sure the build I found was still viable.

Pretty standard beam boat, I just wanted to see if there are any tweaks that might be needed due to any changes in the game or if any fine tuning is needed. My main concerns are the Sci and Eng consoles. I wanted to make sure I went the right route with them.

Thanks and my ship and skill load outs are below.

Engineering Captain in an Assault Cruiser:

Weapons Fore: 3 X Polarized Disruptor Beam Arrays, 1 X Quantum Torpedo
Weapons Aft: 3 X Polarized Disruptor Beam Arrays, 1 X Quantum Torpedo
Engine: Aegis
Shield: Aegis
Deflector: Aegis
Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Field Modulator, Shield Battery, Weapon Battery
Tact Consoles: 3 X Disruptor Coil
Eng Consoles: 1 X Neutronium Armor, 2 X EPS, 1 X RCS
Sci Consoles: 2 X Field Generator

Lt Cmdr Eng: EPW1, RSP1, EPS3
Cmdr Eng: EPW1, ET2, EPS3, Aux to Struct 3
Esgn Tact: Torp Spread 1
Lt Tact: FAW 1, APB 1
Lt Sci: HE1, TSS 2

Skill Loadout Link:


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