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# 1 Mirror Universe ship Pack
02-28-2013, 05:56 AM
Since there are so many different opinions about the Exploration Cruiser i would like to see a Ship pack, similar to the Vesta/ Andorian Escort.

As a "Mirror universe Ship" it wouldn't affect the "prime universe" Exploration Cruiser so people who are happy with it (or hate the Galaxy Class for whatever reason) could keep flying it or be happy with it.

I am sure everyone who wants a better Galaxy Class in STO would be glad to pay 50$ for a good made ship pack.

I am allowing myself to post an ingenious idea for such a Ship pack:

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
enhanced exploration cruiser retrofit 3 pack

how about a 3 pack like the andorian ship had. in this case, the galaxy class if any ship should have 5 forward weapons. it will hardly be as big a deal if its got all beam arrays

(based off fleet galaxy stats)

44,000 hull
1.1 shield mod
6 turn
5/3 weapons
4/4/2 consoles
COM eng
LTC sci
LT tac
LT eng
ENS uni
special console- heavy tachyon beam (BoBW weapon, not the same pulse as 3 part maco)

command ship
44,000 hull
1.1 shield mod
6 turn
5/3 weapons
4/3/3 consoles
COM eng
LTC eng
LT tac
LT sci
ENS uni
special console- large phaser array (similar to andorian wing cannons in effect)

44,000 hull
1.1 shield mod
6 turn
5/3 weapons
4/2/4 consoles
COM eng
LTC tac
LT eng
LT sci
ENS uni
special console- torpedo high yield spread

heavy tachyon beam click to activate ability- the heavy tachyon beam console would basically be like the normal tachyon beam, only 3 times more powerful. it would also deal knetic damage over time. this is supposed to be the attack from BoBW, different from maco 3 part, thats only a single burst, this is an over time abilty

the large phaser array would basically act like the andorian wing guns. if you have seen them in action you will understand. it should have that visual charge up effect along the array, something unfeasible for just normal array weapons but for this special weapon that only fits on this ship thats different.

it should be a 2 shot per cycle weapon and have a 360 deg firing arc, or maybe 310 degree or something, just not dead aft. it should have 4 total hard points for each of the dorsal and ventral arrays. basically the 4 corners of the array, the same palaces the saucer pet fires from if you have ever watched it in action

torpedo high yield spread click to activate ability- the torpedo high yield spread would fire photons at up to 3 targets a 4 torp spread, but it would detonate on impact, not in proximity. it would deal normal THY3 damage to each target.

2 part set bonus
+1 turn
+3 power to all sub systems
+15% power transfer rate
+ to crew recovery rate

3 part set
changes the 'torpedo high yield spread' skill into 'lets see what this galaxy class starship can do' skill. this will fire the HY torp spread, and do a phaser lotus like attack with the large beam array. the beam attack should look like this, only they should remember the change effect with each shot. 90 deg fireing arc on this

saucer separation interaction
you can use the saucer sep console on this you get from the galaxyR, but if you do its the pet that gets the long array weapon, and your left with 4/3 weapons on the separated portion if you have the long array slotted. also the 3 part ability wile separated is disabled, it reverts to the normal 'torpedo high yield spread' console power.

the galaxy R and fleet galaxy- technically, these all should be slot able on these ships. the difference would basically be the 4/4 weapon setup and the station and console setup they have

galaxyX, eventual fleet galaxyX- let them use these things as well
I hope dontdrunkimshoot is ok with this.

If such a ship pack is for whatever reason not acceptable for Cryptic (and 50$ per pack also),
i would like to see a
"Mirror Universe Galaxy Class", featuring the BOFF & Console Layout of the (Fleet) Ambassador Class and looks and stats like inertia, crew etc of the (Fleet) Galaxy class.
I am sure everyone would agree to pay at least 2000 ZEN for such a ship.

I don't want to explain why such a ship is really wanted in STO, i have written almost my fingers to the bone about that issue, please feel free to read the numerous improve the Galaxy Class threads.

What do you think of it?

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