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# 1 2-Piece Galaxy Set!
02-28-2013, 04:09 PM
Okay true Galaxy Class fans. I've been saying it for a while, but it seems like know on out there is hearing me clearly.

So listen up Devs. For a long time, you've been sticking it to all the Galaxy Class fans. First came the Odyssey Class and now the Ambassador Class. Both class starships are great in their own right; however, this has basically put the Galaxy Class out for decommissioning!

This needs to stop now. The Galaxy Class was the former flagship of the Federation and she can at least make a comeback.

I'm calling for a 2-piece Galaxy Class set.

Galaxy Class 2 Piece Set = Antimatter Spread + Saucer Separation

Now the Devs you can work out what the bonuses are on the set should be. I'll give the creative team some time to work out the details.

Let me remind you all that the Odyssey Class as a 3 piece/set bonus, that's if you collected all 3 Odyssey Class ships.

Now I, like many others, purchased both the Galaxy Class Refit and the Galaxy Class Retrofit for its consoles.

If the Odyssey Class has a 3 piece set bonus...why can't the Galaxy Class have a 2 piece set bonus?

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