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It's been about a year since we first heard of the saucer separation option coming to the Galaxy Dreadnought and we still have no eta on it.

Given that this will likely boost sales of two different ships (the Retrofit for the Sep console and the Dread itself) it seems worth getting done and launching.

We've been told that the functionality of it was done long ago but that they were fine tuning the animations, which is fine. However, limited resources acknowledged how could this take a year? I love my Gal-X and bought the Refit Galaxy just for the Venture skin which looks great on it. However, as excited as I was for the new option for this somewhat faded ship class, the interminable delay has reduced my enjoyment of the game overall.

The entire Galaxy class family needs love and there is no way that Cryptic isn't aware of this, regardless of team members' personal opinions on the matter. I think that this already-largely-completed addition is the place to start.

I wanted the Gal X from when it was first announced and have enjoyed it despite some shortcomings. I think it's been very effective with my build for my gameplay purposes and fun. Waiting a year for a feature that was not only hinted but actually screenshotted as being tested is pretty tough for even a diehard like myself.

Please bring us this largely-completed addition as soon as possible. I can't justify spending any more money on new shinies until I see a real, concrete response to this. I know the business of producing assets etc. is more complex than I am privy to but it shouldn't be this major a production.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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