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# 1 Cryptic, A Request...
02-28-2013, 08:16 PM
I know that asking -- even politely -- for some input is a sure way to garuntee that there will not be any...but I do have a request.

In the past couple of weeks there have been various interviews done with Cryptic employees, to include Mr. Stahl. One common thing that seems to happen is that even with a 30-45 minute interview, there is usually only one question about Klingon content and the future of the Klingon faction. The answer given is -- unfortunately -- usually a dodge.

I would like to ask Cryptic to tip their hand, just a bit. It has been ages since I have seen a Dev post in the Klingon forums...rumors run rampant...we hear that the May update is going to be something to write home to Mom about...but on the Federation side we see speculation about the new toys they think they are going to get, and the possibility of at least an introduction to a potential Romulan Faction.

All I am looking for -- and I think all that dedicated Klingon players who lurk and post in these forums is looking for is a very simple statement -- it does not have to be specific at all, even just yes and no questions like:

Will there be new missions that are Klingon-faction specific (not rehashes of Fed material...)?

Are there going to be new Klingon ships made available (new Fleet versions, maybe even (gasp) a real sci Fleet vessel or two -- sorry, the Fleet Varanus just does not bring anything new to the table at endgame...)?

Will it be possible - finally - to start the game as a level 1 Klingon charactor without ever having to play Federation for 20-some odd levels?

These three questions -- with nothing more than yes or no answers, and maybe a small qualifier why -- would go a long way toward dispelling some of the uncertainty. I feel that the Klingon faction in this game really is at a crossroads. This is the eighth major update, despite it not being labelled as "Season 8", and six or more of the past updates to this game have been crushing dissapointments for the Klingon faction.

Everyone wants to there any truth at all to the hype this time...or should we start lowering our expectations?

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