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Originally Posted by nikoagonistes View Post
My main captain and his bridge crew:
Wow...your toons actually made those belts look good! What uniform jacket are you using?

BTW--seems your ship and one of my toon's ships share a theme. One of Alyosha's ships is the USS Chalcedon.

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I appologize ahead of time for the sloppy quality of my screenshots. I don't have top end equipment to play the game on.

My Nausicaan in his winter themed uniform

My Lethean in his short winter jacket
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I love threads like this.

I've gone for mostly the First Contact uniforms, since those are my favourite and it just helps add to the Trek feel of the game. On saying that, I have made some alterations.

Standard uniform: male varient

The belt colour matches their department shirt colour (red/blue/gold). Captain is the only one with the black belt, cos he's the captain.

Standard uniform: Female varient

Crew are free to choose themselves if they want to wear a skirt (skirt stripes match department colour) or trousers on ship. Away Teams must be in trousers though. I would have the DS9 admiral belt on to match, but it's too high for my liking. Males can wear skirts if they want, I don't discriminate on my ship.

Special Uniforms:

Left: Medical. At the request of Doctor Entra (shown), medical staff wear a less formal uniform, to help put patients at ease while they are being treated.
Centre: Engineering technicians. For those jobs when you need alot of pockets.
Right: Tactical Response Team (TRT). A special strike force, deployed for heavy tactical operations (The Sentinel's version of MACO).


Left: Diplomatic Uniform. Usually wears a Tegolar Sword sheathed at the hip (obviously this is often removed at diplomatic functions).
Right: Fleet uniform.

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My captain and his away team covering the uniforms for tac, sci and engineering. Nothing fancy, just straight up department identification. Jupiter 3(?) based with Starfleet Academy trousers with matching department color stripe down the sides.

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Capt Will Conquest and the crew of the USS Zorro

Command Staff

Tactical Officers

Engineering Officers

Science and Medical Officers
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My Main Characters Ship and Crew.

I use the TNG movie uniform, but instead of keeping its black color i prefer a more TNG klike color sceme. Additionally i use the academy pants and the Jupiter belt.

Other than Canon i use:
Command - dark Blue
Tactical/Security - Red
Operations/Engineering - Gold/Yellow
Science/Medical - Turquoise

I was thinking about giving Medical a clean white color, but it would have differed too much from the other uniform colors IMO.
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Here is my crew currently sporting the Odyssey Uniforms with the same Colour scheme as the vulcan female on the homepage, the Captain the one on the far left that wears blue to denote his status as the Doctor, the three on the end are exempt from the uniform rules, the Cardassian Science officer that I cannot edit without loosing the eyepiece, my half Klingon half Romulan Tactical Officer that wears Klingon style clothes, and Bob of Borg:

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The USS Naivete is contracted by Starfleet to a Delta Quadrant NGO seeking to spread Telsian goodwill to other parts of the galaxy. The half-Telsian captain wears a neutral coloured uniform that honours Starfleet style. The crew are local subcontractors. From left to right:
Jem'Hadar helmsman, Betazoid away security, Laotian chief medical officer, Captain Airhead, Burmese lieutenant medical officer, Scottish EPtS engineer, Reman ensign medical officer.

Their Fleet Olympic is a hospital ship. Most crew wear a scarf resembling an archaic stethoscope and a badge with a red cross overlain with a purple Olympic ship silhouette. The Reman is out of uniform as he is not comfortable with bright colours. The Jem'Hadar pilot does not believe in hospital ships so he does not wear the uniform, and tweaks the ship towards Jem'Hadar combat spec in his spare time.

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Captain and crew of the Federation timeship Invisible:

Other outfits:


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