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# 1 Captain Mackenzie Calhoun
03-01-2013, 09:55 AM
"It resolved an exploit, so it needed to be added in after maintenance started. Some players were lowering settings to the lowest counts and receiving rewards reserved for much longer gameplay. You can still participate in private matches and earn credit for the dailies and repeatables, but matches must be kept at the default settings or higher."

As we see Mackenzie is in trouble again Truly the delv's had to had know this all along.
If some of you remember WarZone was taken away form Mackenzie awhile back because it was becomming a exploit. If not mistaken somthing was done on that before it disapeered altoghther.

Now Mackenzie is being pick on by kill count settings. Well you know this will not stop hard core grinders or PvP AFKers. So a Idea to do it correctly would be To make Mackenzie's
'Hostile Engagements Against Enemy Leaders' a Daily 1 time a day not repeatable. But thinking on doing that well PvP will become absolete won't it?

Other Players thoughts Please

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