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# 1 Geese and golden eggs
03-01-2013, 06:56 PM
As co-leader of The House of Duras Fleet (we run a multi-leader system. It saddens me, the way the last episode of Star Trek Enterprise saddens most star trek fans, that cryptic seem to be unwilling to make the necessary improvements.

In all honesty, who here can say they would play this game if it wasn't star trek, instead having to stand purely on its own merits. I'm not talking about story lines here, as they are of course inseparable from the star trek theme. I'm talking about all the none star trek elements, which are vital to a truly successful mmo.

Chat system: ropey, works if your lucky. when working, is clumbersome and none intuitive.

Guild logs: in some cases, barely adequate, in a lot of cases (promotions, demotions ect), info is inadequate, not showing who promoted/demoted a member, and in some cases, not even which member was promoted/demoted.

Banks: I have in the past moved items from account storage, only to have a wait so long, i made a cup of coffee and returned to my PC before the item finally transferred. This is not lag related, my latency is always very low, and lag is not a factor for me in any other mmo.

I could go on listing, but the point of this post isn't to list bugs. its to point out that purely on the merits of the game system, social elements, and providing relevant tools to properly organize in-game, Cryptic is failing the Star Trek brand, and the Star Trek fans that play this game.

Having the Star Trek franchise is an ace in the hole for cryptic, unfortunately, one ace isn't always going to be enough. Cryptic seem to be relying on it far to heavily, leaving bugs and poor system design in place, while adding more equally bug ridden, ill thought through game elements.

Please cryptic, make the quality of the game live up to star trek, rather than living off of it, ie, make it very much better than it is.

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