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I have a level 50 Engineer. I just bought new bridge officers and need help with their ground skills. What are the best ground skiils for each? I am planning on using my engineer, 2 BOFF engineers, 1 science officer (Betazoid), 1 tactical officer (Klingon or Bajoran).

Ensign - Hypospray Dylovene I
Lt. - Medical Tricorder II
Lt. Commander - not sure
Commander - not sure

Ensign - not sure
Lt. - Shield Generator I
Lt. Commander - Phaser Turret Fabrication II
Commander - Quantum Mortar Fabrication II

Ensign - not sure
Lt. - not sure
Lt. Commander - not sure
Commander - not sure
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03-01-2013, 04:59 PM
i use

nanite health
electro grav 2 or 3
tachyon harm

2 engies
mortar 3
shield recharge

plas gren 3
phot gren.
fire on my mark
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03-01-2013, 09:45 PM
My setups vary depending on my character and if I'm role playing, but typically I take:

Tac x2
-Photon Grenade I
-Battle Strategies II
-Target Optics II
-Overwatch II

-Shield Recharge I
-Weapons Malfunction II
-Reroute Power to Shields II
-Fuse Armor I

-Hypospray - Dylovene I
-Medical Tricorder II
-Vascular Regenerator II
-Nanite Health Monitor I

I'm also typically a Tac captain, so this might work better for me than you as and Eng. Sometimes, instead of 2 Tac Boffs, I might bring another Sci with Science skills since my other one is a medical focused boff:

-Electro-Gravitic Field I
-Tachyon Harmonic II
-Sonic Pulse II
-Hyperonic Radiation II

I have no idea if these are ideal setups, but a lot of trial and error has brought me to these and they work well for my playstyle. I typically like to move in quick, clear a room, and move on. Hence the lack of abilities that require the boffs to stop and setup. My medical boff and engineering boff keep the HP and shield heals flowing for me and my tactical boffs as we lay waste. I know it's not matching your Eng x2, Sci, Tac setup, but hopefully it helps a little.

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