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03-02-2013, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
And oh hey, check this sucker out!

That's the Klingon ship from Enterprise.

Age? Size? Do not matter in STO.
Except it's a completely new ship design and it's also 100 meters longer than the one from "Enterprise".
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03-02-2013, 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by paragon92518 View Post
The reality is (to expound on what you suggested)...A player could fly an old cardboard box as a starship, and assuming it has state-of-the-art technology, is can be just as effective as a brand spankin' new cardboard box right off the assembly line.
Then why is noone using a redesigned Me-262, or an M4 Sherman with composite armor?

Originally Posted by paragon92518 View Post
Why is downtown traffic coming back across the entire US? The buildings are old, very old, and dilapidated. But WHAT!!!....Those old buildings are rebuilt and upgraded, redesigned inside and out, and the finished product is an old building just as nice and as well made as a new building constructed. The comparison with starships does not change this concept! Not that I'm advocating a T5 Connie, however, it's CBS...NOT technology from making this transition.
Simple reason:
the operating conditions for these buildings have not changed.
The wind is just as strong, the people are only slightly heavier etc.

For military vessels, the conditions change when a new propulsion technology comes along (oil instead of coal, jet engines instead of propellers) or weapons change or improve.
That's why for example Iraqi T-72 were ineffective against Abrams tanks at a range of 50 meters (normally tanks fight at 1000-2000 meters): they were built at a time when tanks only had steel armor.
The conditions have changed since then however.

This is also true for starships:
weapons become more effective, engines become more powerful and they can thus maneuver at higher speeds which puts more stress on the hull.
Problem here is, that it's possible to put new engines, weapons and electronics on a new hull.
But the basic frame underneath is still the old one.
And that puts an upper limit on what you can do with it.
Even when you put new armor on it, the kinetic force of an impact will be transmitted onto the frame.
Same goes for maneuvers.
You may double the power of you impulse engines but when you make a high-powered turn you might end up bending the ship's hull as a result.

And while it's true in Star Trek you can use intergrity fields to make the hull tougher, would a identical SIF generator on a better-designed hull not still mean that the new one becomes even tougher than the old one with the same equipment?

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