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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
I would go one step further, and say: Remove the Tractor Beam "power" entirely. Instead, make it standard for all ships. Tractor Beam is standard equipment on -most- starships and shuttles (with the notable exception, being the Enterprise-B).

A Tractor Beam has also been shown in the shows, to function either offensively (dragging an enemy into a hazard, or reducing the enemy weapons effectiveness), as well as supportively (dragging a friendly out of harms way). I would love to see a true "drag" power in STO, where players could support other players, by for example pulling their friends out of Warp Plasma clouds, or even a Gravity Well.

I never understood the strange idea of Cryptics Tractor beams, i have never seen a game where tractor beams where just made... wrong.

Is it just me or does Cryptic always seem to find a way to make Star Trek mechanics (tractors, or ship classification) somehow totally wrong?

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Not entirely true. I have to do some fenagling to get out of tractor beams with my engines when my omega is down so It doesn't really do what you claim.

I do however suggest they do something about the weakness of the gravity well because I've had pve npc ships fly right out of my mk III gravity wells with maxed out stats for these effects so there's definitely something wrong. Gravity might be the weakest force in the universe but it's not something you can just completely ignore and no the ships in question weren't using an immunity skill.

Also, shouldn't the tyckon's rift actualyl fly towards the enemy it was cast on? too often I can't tell when the ability is even working because unlike the well there isn't a single thing coming from the rift to let me know which ships it's still affecting.

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