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03-02-2013, 05:24 PM
Romulans are coming... to the KDF!

1) Simple to do: No need for a third starbase model, no need for another series of DOFF assignments, etc.

2) Would give KDF a few new ships to balance out with the Feds.

3) Would give KDF more players.

4) Would only piss the few Feds dreaming of a Scimitar with thalaron weaponry and an instant I-Win console (ok, ok! That makes for a lot of Feds but oh well...).
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03-03-2013, 11:43 AM
If they're really doing a romulan faction, why would they make all the romulan equipment (sans ships) available to the other factions first? Seems counter intuitive to give away all the things that would make them different from the existing factions.
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03-03-2013, 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by pyryck View Post
So lets approach this from a financials aspect:

1. Klingon fans are mad and rage about their faction content not being on par with the Federation content. And so they have chosen not to support the game by spending money.

2. Romulan Fans have been waiting on the outside of the game hoping to someday be able to play their favorite faction. And they have money to spend in support of their fledgling faction were it to be introduced into the game.

3. <insert faction here> Fans have been waiting on the outside of the game hoping to someday be able to play their favorite faction. And they have money to spend in support of their fledgling faction were it to be introduced into the game.

4. Cryptic decides that they are going to treat all non-Fed factions in the same way with the same sort and amount of content going forward. They make a sort of template from which to easily create future factions and drop them into the game. This will allow them to better gauge where they will earn the best return on their investment of development time.

5. Cryptic squeezes non-Fed content down to the minimum necessary to get a non-Fed faction character up and playing in STO.

6. Since Klingon fans are not an income resource already, losses from Klingon fans leaving the game is not felt at all while the vast amounts of income from other faction fans greatly improves the corporate bottomline which in turn leads to more content for all faction players. (side benefit/perk is the quieting on the forums due to the massive outflux of negative commenters) .

very good analysis

would also add - they are slowly being out of the ship designs.. so before raising the roof - give us new factions. Aka : new ships, new toon slots, new bank slots, new DOFF packs, uniforms, are sold..

Romulans as a try, if that works, perhaps Cardies, Dominion, Ferengi, whatever..

btw - they made the whole Tau Dewa in what - 3 months?

so you think they cannot use assets from the foundry, create a green HQ and Embassy, copy paste the DOFF system from KDF, and here you go.. yeah 3 free ships, 3 fleet ships and 3 Zen-store ships.. in 5 months .. doable

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03-03-2013, 01:33 PM

Just coincidental timing meant I could take this screen shot.

Excited and I don't even know what its going to have included, hoping for more balanced PVP, and playable Romulan's
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03-04-2013, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
Do people really think that because a Romulan Faction is introduced (or any faction for that matter), that Cryptic is going to just STOP creating Fed & KDF amenities for the game down the road??
I don't think anyone was suggesting that; the thing is that right now the KDF and Federation both converge, such that the later seasons are all shared content. I wouldn't expect a new faction to be any different, so if the Romulans are being added then any unique content they have will be towards the start, but their end-game content will likely be the same as what the rest of us have now, barring any unique repeatable missions.

What's most interesting for me is whether this Romulan update is a new season for all use, a new faction, or both. I'd love to see both, but the development time for that would be pretty huge, which is why I'm interested to see if they'll go for a dual citizenship twist to cut down on the content they need to add.

After all, while we still have lots of Federation vs KDF stuff in the end-game content, I'm not sure the Federation is meant to be at war with the KDF at all once you reach level 50; it seems like the intention is that the two factions are converging towards at least some kind of shaky alliance against the Undine and Iconian threats, currently foreshadowed by the Tholians that we've all been fighting recently.

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