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03-03-2013, 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post

I just think all Cryptic are worried about is their paycheck, they really couldn't care about the problems that already exist in game. A lot of the recent "stealth nerfs" and Fleet Mark reductions were done to try and make the game content last until May...
I can tell you that whether the average dev cares or not the problem does not lie with them, its at the top. The guys in charge have decided which way the hours get spent and no one can step out of line from those mandates.

Looking at the Kumari launch fiasco, they were clearly not given enough time to test things. A ship launching with bugs is pretty normal these days, but not to the extent of the bugs seen in the Kumari. It would not surprise me if the devs were up all night, just barely getting it close to a working condition so they could meet the deadline.

It kinda makes me think things aren't as going as well as we are lead to believe to see them release what was clearly a money grab ship pack (one ship, twice the profits, with a clear advantage over current escorts to sweeten the pot) so soon after a new lockbox. Maybe the new lockbox just hasn't sold as well for them to make such a rushed push to get the Kumari out?

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