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fleet kamarang bugs

first the new bug. the fleet kamarang neck has 2 issues. on 1 side there is a yellow glow in a small indent, on the other side there is not. below that in a small indent there is a twin torp launcher skin showing up, but again only on 1 side

errant side torp launcher-

unsymmetrical glows-

kdf vet ship bugs

noticed this since its launch, figured it was too obvious to miss and would be caught by now

like the fed vet ship, its warp engines are supposed to adjust during warp out and wile in sector space.

well the kdf vet ship does not have its nacelles extended when its in sector space, thats the bug i guess. they extend right before it jumps to warp, and as it enters a system they are still extended, seen here

also what look to be 'bortas like' impulse engines actually appear to be flagged as warp engines, the are used when the ship ejects warp plasma,

and when the borg set visuals are on , what supposed to go on the nacelles is attached to the main hull in front of them

the actual impulse engines appear to be the 2 small yellow triangles, so why is that big, and sorta ugly, bortas like engine grill on the ship at all?

ktinga bug

when the game swaps to a lower quality model when your camera far enough away, the model it switches to for the ktinga looks better, has glowing engine and a glow on the front of it's 'mission pod' or whatever you want to call it. since the fleet ktinga is an end game ship now, i would really like the one i fly to look as good as that npc, when your far enough away from it

'low quality' when far from it

'high quality' when close to it

it appears the low and high quality model is switched. since our ship only displays the high quality model, we don't get to see glows, they are only visible on npcs when we are farther away from them. the ktinga model is by far the blandest, low quality model in game, these glows would go a long way toward making it more attractive.
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