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03-04-2013, 01:42 AM
Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
But I see a big swing happening once everyone gets their uber stuffs. Maybe it'll middle out somewhere around 150 per Zen
Tell me , do you :

a) believe the majority of the playerbase is in uberfleets who are well on the way to T5 starbase ?

b) think that Cryptic will leave well enough alone , or will continuously add moar uber stuffs to acquire ?

From my observation , Cryptic will not stop adding Dill sinks to the game .
They call that "offering more choices" .
I call it "stringing us along so we don't notice that they are not making real content" .

Either way the result is the same .
Or perhaps not .
Perhaps ... we will come to a point where new players will enter the game , see what they have in store for themesefs (build a Starbase/Embassy/whatever other "holdings" Cryptic comes up with) , and decide that the mountain of grind is too big and turn around and walk away .

And no amount of fiddling with the Tutorial , or tweaking , or adding cutscenes , or "remastering" will change that .
I am loosing STO with each new system based update and with each removal and editing of content .
I don't know how to save her from her systems obsessed masters who seek to control and monetize me more and more .

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