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I have Tac and Eng captains, and am currently using Science Team 1 to fill in the Ensign slot on my science BOFF templates. But I am considering doubling up on Tactical Team 1 for both of them, at which point ST1 becomes even more redundant and even more difficult to fit in with the cooldowns. So I'm looking for things to use that will provide some marginal punch.

I have used Tachyon Beam in the past, but find it irrelevant with DHCs, and only marginally useful with beam arrays--I do more shield damage with weapons fire, in less time, and rarely notice TB doing anything.

Jam Sensors is great when you are alone, but useless in a crowd, because it has a fragile hold and 2-3 people shooting will break it very quickly. Whatever you were planning to do (run away, setup a combo, whatever) is cancelled out by the teammates shooting at your target.

Tractor Beam is fun but is very situational dependant. Its awesome on the STFs when the big ships start rolling around, just lock em down and wait for the players to show up. Also handy against some of the Tholians. Every other situation its a dead cell.

edit--already using Hazard Emitters and Polarize Hull in the template so dont need those either

Any of the others offer broader utility? Or should I stick to TB1? I do not need any more heals/buffs, just looking for a tool that will be helpful in a variety of common situations

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The standard use for a Lt. Science slot on an escort or cruiser is Hazard Emitters I and Transfer Shield Strength II (hazard emitters, only for shields). If you have an extra ensign science slot (advanced escort, fleet patrol escort, etc.), then many players will either use Polarize Hull I or Tractor Beam I. Using Polarize Hull II and III is a bit of a waste due to damage resistance diminishing returns.
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Jam Sensors should only break from damage done by you. But without console/skill bonuses, and high Aux, a single auto-attack can do enough damage to break Jam Sensors I...

Tachyon Beam, even with 3 Purple Mk XII consoles, full Sci skill, and 125 Aux, is a bad joke.

If you're already running HE and PH, and don't want more heals (ST or TSS), that doesn't leave much.
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I have to commend "Science Team I". Its a medium shield heal + it removes all science debuffs especially subnucleonic beam. Subnucleonic beam is a killer in the wrong hands, so you should let it in your

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