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03-04-2013, 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by allenscott View Post
I agree with the sentiment of most of the responses to this post - too costly for pretty and function-less additions. HOWEVER, I was struck with an idea. Why not add some non-essential yet, USEFUL function to these types of projects. My first thought when I read about this project was this: Wouldn't it be great if this project let you actually gather intel? What if it allowed fleet members to access a feature to monitor where Borg or Tholian incursion events were? While on a star base or planet-side, we can't see whats going on in space.
Here's an idea... What if this particular special project had also unlocked a special repeatable 3-5 man mission that granted both Fleet marks and Romulan marks?

Fleets would have been falling all over themselves to complete it, even at 200K.

I, and others, will continue to advocate and call for functional upgrades. I understand that this gives the art teams a chance to shine and create something that wouldn't exist otherwise, and that it probably takes few resources outside of the art department to continue creating these. But functional is cooler and gives more value.

My fleet has fulfilled three Starbase special projects (four if you count the holiday hologram). The place doesn't look barren and it's enough for me. The Embassy has gotten no love at all, and probably won't.
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