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Say your ship has 3 or more science consoles and you're using the Romulan consoles that boost plasma damage and give the plasma proc. Assume for this situation that threat and other science stats are not part of the equation.

Which is better: using all plasma energy weapons to take advantage of the stacked damage bonuses from the Romulan consoles, or using non-plasma energy weapons to take advantage of the multiple plasma procs?
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03-04-2013, 05:50 AM
it's all about the hull and shield heal with increased threat generation since it boost overall dmg resistance. But if i had to choose, first see how they stack with some trail runs to find out your answer. Cause does plasma stack???

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last I knew, and I haven't tested it, only the strongest plasma proc only applies damage, but they can chain/overlap such that if one expires and a second still has 2 seconds left on it's timer, the weaker one will apply 2 seconds/ticks of damage...

Therefore, if you have + plasma proc consoles, I'd run a different weapon type than plasma, as "stronger" burns will overwrite the effects of the console burns. Many say disruptor is a good type, as it's innate anti-resistance proc synergizes with the burn proc (increasing damage), however, AP for crits or polaron for power drains can still synergize very well with the added plasma proc...
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