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03-04-2013, 10:09 PM
I recently bought the Andortian Charal Engineer escort. Its a lovely ship but to be honest its just another pew pew ship with extra bling. Yawn. I got bored with it fast.

Ive recently gone back to using cruisers for most of my 7 toons. And its a revelation. I love the more laid back style of play. Ive been slowly building them up from scratch.

Engineer toon (signature vulcan): Mirror Assault cruiser, phased polaron beams XII and Romulan torps. Jem XII set.

Tac1 Saurian: Galaxy X Dread. XII phaser beams, fleet shields. def/ engines.

Tac 2 Alien: 2nd Anniversary Oddy, antoproton build. Maco set.

I'm working on a Jem Dread I've got 600 lobi, decision will be which one will In give it to. I have a Catian Engineer with no decent cruisers and close to completing Rom and Omega reps.

I do feel that Cruisers should have more firepower. heck Beams could be increased in power by a third easily. That would give cruisers the extra punch while allowing escorts to still be top pew pew. However cruiser captains can still make awesome battle wagons if they know how to build them right.

I find it annoying that cruisers (which are the primary mainstay starship in the whole of Star Trek) are frowned upon (it seems) by the game makers infavour of the pew pew look at me look at mee pew escorts. Make cruisers more attractive and you will sell more of them.

One final thing. I pugged a KAS the other day in my Signature Vulcan and my Mirror Assault cruiser. I was in a team with all cruisers. We thought we were asking for trouble. Wrong we completed KAS pug with mins to spare and all waked away with nice rewards. One of the best matches i had. We can do anything escorts can, just takes a little longer. Thats all.
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