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Originally Posted by allocater View Post
The STO story writer recently said, she got a new technology: The ability to create dialog based on species.

Now that alone does not seem that significant, but if you think about the fact that a Romulan 'faction' has to be able to play all the Features Episodes Series, it suddenly comes together.

The feature episodes will be changed from:
if(klingon_faction) klingon_dialog
if(federation_faction) federation_dialog

if(federation_species) federation_dialog
if(klingon_species) klingon_dialog
if(romulan_species) romulan_dialog

So Romulans will not be a faction. They will be a species!

Maybe there will be 5 missions exclusively for 1 species, but the rest of the game will be faction-neutral for everybody, with different dialogs based on species.
I have not hear the interview so perhaps i am missing somethin but you seem to be making an awful lot of assumptions there.

1) Romulans dont have to have access to FE. Would be nice but its by no means guaranteed.

2) she is probably referring to your character or boff (ie vulcan, gorn etc) so that she can write multiple version of the same text, just tailor them to the species.

3) why does it turn the romulans from a faction to a species. we already have 2 factions before that do both unique an cross faction content. why not 3?

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