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# 1 Need advise
03-05-2013, 03:24 AM
I am lvl 32 captain enginirind.I have the uss enterpsise D.I want to play as tank and i need help with build up.well i allaways have the ship on shields never in balanced.All my enginiring consoles are on resistant on phazer.plasma kinetic etc.And my tectical consoles on +phazer dmg.i have 3 phazer beams and one torpedo on front and 1 phazer,torbedo and mines on behind weaps.i do very good dps with phazer and beam at will and enough esayly i low enemy's shield when this done i hit the with torpedo with the help of torpedo yeld and i do big damage.also ihave many skills that fix my shields and hull.The skills ihave half on tactical and enginiring.Have any advise to correct any worngs or any tips.i really love this game .
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03-05-2013, 04:12 AM
You should not set your shields to maximum. It slows down your leveling and is entirely unnecessary. And in a group, you will never get aggro with your weapon power low, ruling out any possibility of "tanking".
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i know this is common sense andi just want prof that 100% hull regn rat/min means that you well regn 100% of your hull cap in one min
because i know a person who says im wrong yet in combact i regen over 2k hit points ever sec almost

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