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# 1 EU proxy won't let me connect
03-05-2013, 10:33 AM
I've a really terrible connection to the STO servers since a couple days. It's unplayable.

So I switched to the EU proxy, since I am in the EU. Worked absolutely fine.

Until yesterday. My game crashed (as so often when beaming down to New Romulus or Defera) and afterwards, I couldn't login any more.

It gets either stuck at "Connecting to the login server", or (after retrying) at "Connecting to the account server". After a couple of attempts and restarting the game, I could login and play.

Today, no luck. After the 4th (?) try, STO told me that there seems to be a problem with the proxy and that it disabled it for me. I tried to login... Worked. In-game connection was horrible as the recent days, so I tried it via EU proxy again -> Nope.

Any ideas why that thing suddenly won't let me connect any more?

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