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# 1 Must have Zen Store item.
03-05-2013, 02:39 PM
Couldn't find this while searching and was told this is what I need to do by support because they couldn't help me change this when I put in a ticket for it.

It's been three years now, It's definitely time for race change in the Zen Store please. I'm a lifer, I've been playing since prelaunch head start, my main has been alien long before the benefits of choosing certain races. Now I'm stuck with a race that's got wonky spec choices.

The reason why I don't make another one isn't due to laziness it's due to the fact that this character has been played so long that it has items and officers I cannot replace thru the C store or thru veteran status, exclusive items that I got thru gameplay at specific times throughout his lifetime career. Also, it's not extensively crucial to the storyline that occurs in this game title to keep your captain a same faction race (just want to be a different fed is all).

Finally, I've just purchased items in the dilithium store that don't say account bound they say character bound, like the andorian phaser weapons for the andorian ships. This is weird imo because I can't create a new toon with this ship without working up the dilithium to repurchase all of the weapons I've already purchased for this character. All in all it would be a huge waste of time to create a whole new character.

So can we please have a Zen Store option for race change so I can change him into the Caitian I purchased? Thanks.

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