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# 1 RP Fleet Wanted
03-05-2013, 01:09 AM

I've been getting active again, and searching for a few RP fleets. However, I'm having difficulty. I joined one, but it was barren and I was lucky to see one other person accompanied with an awkward silence every few days, and general chat is somewhat hostile towards the word "roleplay."

For my qualifications : I've been an officer in several guilds in other games (not looking to become one particularly in this game) and have RPed extensively both on forums and in every game I've played for about a decade. I'm in my early twenties, and as you can see I possess the ability to type a coherent post (I hope). Star Trek is also one of my most favorite universes, and I'm regular with my playtime.

As for what I'm looking for:
* An RP guild focused on Starfleet (military or otherwise), preferably with an OOC chat for my girlfriend who doesn't really RP, but that isn't required as long as there is an OOC channel somewhere. In this game we're both winding down from the Hardcore MMO life from other MMOs to a relaxed and casual, social group. We're both friendly and chatty and prefer a social atmosphere.
* Some people to talk to in the Fleet and RP with.

Time zone isn't important; and I know the hoops to joining guilds, especially RP guilds with IC interviews for quality. If interested please let me know!

P.S. - I play a Vulcan Science Officer (emphasis on medicine)

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03-05-2013, 04:59 AM
Hi bluesnack! Sounds like you've had some fun times! I'm sure you've come a long way and have a fair share of experience by now. I'm with you on the inactivity thing, so many are unprepared for doing the good things required to have a quality team. Have you considered being a fleet leader? There's a unique opportunity I'm holding for players like yourself. Have a look at my thread titled "STO Talent Search", a few posts below this one. Might be something you're looking for. Look forward to hear from you
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03-05-2013, 05:55 AM
Feel free to check us out mate

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I am here to obviously promote the fleet I represent, 5th Special Operations Division. We are an RP-based fleet. We try and follow true to Star Trek canon, and have organized events (however RP occurs whenever you wish with fellow fleet members). We are also very social OOC, and extremely helpful. We do have minor requirements, like some contributions before ability to buy fleet ships, uniforms, etc.

For a more detailed breakdown, I invite you and your girlfriend to check out our forum thread (linked below) and post any questions you might have. Also, in our thread there is a link to our official fleet website that you can look at. Alternatively to both, you can contact @ubermatten or @kpts4tv in-game.

Cheers, and good hunting!

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