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TL;DR - If someone buys a bridge/interior bundle, let them use that bridge/interior on any ship they are able to fly.

I currently primarily fly an Andorian Kumari escort. While I like the simplicity of the bridge and everything at my fingertips, without having to really travel anywhere, I am really saddened by the inability to change my bridge/interior.

Ever since I started playing STO months ago I've been dead-set on the Original Series Bundle. I grew up on TOS, and the campy, nostalgic feeling of roaming around a well-designed TOS interior is pretty dang cool. The only problem is that even if I buy the bundle now, I cannot use it. My Kumari doesn't let me choose a different interior.

This essentially means that I have zero reason to spend zen on a fairly substantial C-store offering. There are probably plenty of other people who feel similarly limited in the other "alien" ships which deny swapping out interiors. Being able to change a Kumari interior to something resembling TOS, if I pay for it, doesn't hurt anyone and would be something I would gladly pay for. There would be no lore discontinuity: we all fly 22nd to 29th century ships, even Tholian ones. Being able to change a Kumari interior to something TOS isn't a problem for anyone.

I'm simply disappointed that buying said TOS bundle is completely worthless to me because my ship needlessly prevents changing interiors for absolutely no reason at all.

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