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03-07-2013, 08:04 AM
Here is why I cannot agree with leaver penalties on ISE or KASE, well, any ESTF, in the event of mission failure. Only for the first 2 leavers. After that anyone should be able to leave and go on playing.

In more than 2000 ESTFs, ground and space (I like ground) I have not seen a failed ISE and only a handful of failed ISE optionals. Yesterday was the exception. Two really good players, three obvious new players. One of them a total git railing at how impossibly unfair Cryptic was in designing such "impossible" missions. The optional was blown in the right side, there was obviously not enough DPS or survival skills. Train wreck. We tried to coordinate things and were promptly told "its not me". As the noobs leave and get their well deserved leaver penalties the semi experienced captain and I try to finish things.

There is no way the last 2 in this situation deserve a leaver penalty or 0 reward for the time we put in. His tank and my TorKaht died repeatedly and often. This was supposed to be a quick ESTF to get my last 5 OM for my Adapted set. It went on 35 minutes.
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