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Originally Posted by twam View Post
All tested in Qo'nos system space, for ease of hopping between ships at the shipyard.

3 uncommon mk xi neutroniums on my mirror Qin:
Kinetic: 40,7%
Phaser: 37,9%
Disruptor: 37,9%
Plasma: 37,9%
Tetryon: 37,9%
Polaron: 37,9%
Antiproton: 37,2%

Going from these observations, stacking neutroniums still seems the way to go... I am, however, really curious about the Antiproton resist scores...
Hmmm... will be digesting that data when I get home- I got 37.9 on plasma and tet with only 2 consoles (omega 2 piece/KHG shield) because of the overlap from ablative and tetrabernium (mk11 commons), my borg console is the 3rd console in the eng group.
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thanks for the suggestions about the Raptor, even though some of you misunderstood the question (my Negh'Var was a pretty good tank/dd and I had no problems with it). next is the Vo'Quv...
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I've not actually tried the mirror Qin raptor, but I've flown the regular and fleet versions. I think the best set for a Qin raptor is HG mkXII shield and engine, Borg deflector (better structural integrity bonus, and the full HG set's AoE cloak ability is fairly worthless due to the cool down).
3 dual heavy cannons and a torpedo on the front, 2 turrets (or 1 and a cutting beam) plus a Hargh peng torpedo rear is my prefered weapons layout.

For consoles, I like to have the Plasmonic leech from the Vandal Destroyer Zen store ship on there some place cos the power boost in combat really helps keep the weapons and shields going. Other than that, just cram as many Neutronium armor consoles as you can fit on the engineering slots, a Field generator and the borg console in the science slots, and 3 energy+1 torpedo console of appropriate type in the tac slots.

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