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I made a Saurian in a mission, hit "randomized head" button, and found that some colors suddenly drastically lacked options. As you can see in the picture below, this Saurian clearly has reddy-tan markings, but when I click on the color swab to choose a different color, the only colors it presented me with were from the blue pallette. What gives?

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Wanna see another weird one?

Asley: http://marhawkman.deviantart.com/gal...?_sid=69fa217c

That's the costume she CAME with.... Yeah, a Tac that wears green and yellow? Buh wha? Also that outfit isn't normally available for Boffs.

EDIT: oh wait, this is foundry....

Hmm... how many color options do you get when creating a saurian from scratch?

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More stuff to be investigated.
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If it helps I had a similar issue yesterday when making a custom costume for a klingon enemy. Was going through the possible shoulder pads, and tried the vet with fur ones. I then decided I didn't like them and switched to layered with decoration, and the color spot that applied to the gold bits on the vet shoulder pad would only allow me to select one of the vet gold colors, no matter what shoulderpad I switched to afterwards. Duplicating the costume and editing the copy worked as a work around.

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