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# 1 Boffs on FSB!
03-07-2013, 08:46 PM
I had a great idea for fleet bases. I think we should allow our Boffs in some or varying manners to come onto our FSBs. I had this idea from trying to see if a Fleet person could help train a doff. but we ran into a slight problem. We couldn't trade to train because they had their slots full. This makes it very hard. So how about letting us bring Boffs onto fleet bases. Or set if we let them come with us off ship and or other options likeing bringing individual ones on command. This could help resolve this issue by letting training happen in person along with lots of other options and bypass alot of other potential difficulties and make a cool new way to stock our FSB up while were on it. 8) they could have leway settings(replace with other official military terms) on fleet base and be sitting around talking to each other etc taking up seats to look nice.

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