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03-08-2013, 12:35 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
At this rate we should put up "how to survive X" for all the less than pathetically pitiful NPCs. Or we can just put up how to guides for all the battleships. And the Mogai. Mogai's are mean... XD.
Yeah. I find them the most annoying romulane enemy. Not that they are powerful or such, but with their Tactic Team you generally need more then 10 sec to destroy them. I really liked the Warbirds and the BoPs. The letter shooting itself with its own torpedo^^

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
nice post, direly needed apparently.
However it is sad to see that the average (or under average) STO player needs help to complete this encounter. And it is not even that hard to begin with. The only dangerous thing is the plasma torpedo volley, that is actually able to kill a playership, if they are not destroyed or outhealed.
After pugging STFs and seeing my cruiser making more than 50% of the damage in the encounter (NPC included), I think this is just the beginning. Dont forget: Some ppl have problems destroying two borg probes or two borgified BoPs.

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