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No more participation rewards. No more being able to complete an STF or PVE Q by shear patience and determination. If there was a fail mechanic built into all PVE Q's we would see the skill level of players increase as they where exposed to scenerios in which they could not simply win by throwing themselves against the wall until the wall fell. No rewards for no completion.
I once encounted a player who did not know he could jump until he was asked to do it in Rebeccas chamber, and I did not blame him for not knowing. A person can funble to VA with ease and have no understanding of the game. Many make it to VA and never even join a group.
Each rank should introduce a STF like challenge to promote player skill growth. Engineers need to know it is there job to tank, and greedy science officers need to know that their healing abilities are needed by the rest of the team as well.
Perhaps if there where item sets that included a kit. The set could be a kit, armor, and shields built to do the job of a meadic, a tank, or a dps.
check my thread on new item sets

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Nearly all STFs *DO* contain a mechanic for failure, implicit, if not explicit. This, honestly, has not helped.
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Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Nearly all STFs *DO* contain a mechanic for failure, implicit, if not explicit. This, honestly, has not helped.
Well if I think he meant a failure to the hole mission not just the OPT like if all player aren't doing the right thing well it fails.
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I also think the OP is talking about a true total mission fail.

Like in CSE if Kang gets blown up. Mission fails, no do over, no respawn, no reward, and your usual 1 hour timer on CSE.

Unlike ISE where if you just respanwn enough and rush in guns blazzin you will eventually finish it. There is no way to "fail" it.

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ISE doesn't have an explicit fail, but it is easily possible for it to become an unwinnable situation if the team is bad enough.

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