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The title says most of it, IKDF has been around a long time. We've got a handful of members a connections with a lot of other RP fleets. Rather then give you a wall of text you won't read anyway, I'll list what we do and let you decide if you want a place here.
  • RP Events - As fun as standing around a bar is, some of us want action and adventure with our RP. Fleet run events are open to all KDF (in fleet or not) and let your characters drive the story.
  • Honour and Battle - Face off in combat against Federation Roleplayers. No PVP experience is needed, just the will to bring glory to the Empire!
  • Flexibility - So long as your character has any believable reason to fly with the KDF, they're accepted. From mercenaries to auxiliaries
  • Glorious Victories - Fight beside other KDF RPers against all who oppose the Empire.

If you have any interest or questions, send me a message at @Zarro or make a post here and someone from the fleet will do their best to help.

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