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03-08-2013, 02:54 AM
We have seen some impressive and beautiful maps. Cities of grandeur, internal sets better than the shows, and such a great use of assets it is nearly magic what people come up with.

I'd like to see what we have come up with on the mechanics of the foundry. The amazing technical use of triggers and appear disappear states that it makes the devs jealous. Can anyone recommend their missions that really stretch the boundaries of capability?

I'll be over shadowed but I have a two way [action] decision outside of dialogue that, when made, removes the other choice and prompts an NPC to start one of two pop up dialogue trees, depending of course on your decision.
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03-08-2013, 03:24 PM
2 consoles
Use console A, the NPC will be nice to you
Use console B, the NPC will be hostile to you

2 Invisible objects over the consoles with "Use Console" interactions. They turn each other OFF to make sure the player picks only 1 of them. If you want the consoles to glow, then just add duplicate consoles like 0.01 m away with the actual interacts.

Assign a map dialog to the NPC:
Starting prompt: Hello, I'm XY the important man of the station.

Button 1 - Visible if Console A used
Button 1 propt: You are great Captain!

Button 2 - Visible if Console B used
Button 2 propt: You are a useless Captain!

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